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Why Proofreading Is Important

Don’t let this happen to you …

Famous typos:

“Boeing loses $70 million due to misplaced comma.”
San Francisco Chronicle

“Death sentence challenged over typo.”
Sacramento Bee

“This contract shall be effective as of the singing of this agreement.”
From a customer’s rental agreement; he was not a vocalist.

“He used his wench to pull his truck out of the ditch.”
That’s not the purpose of women.

“I know judo, karate, jujitsu, and other forms of marital arts.”
Next time, try love, understanding, and communication.

“Sign up now for our Beauty and Fitness Curse.”
Open Education Exchange

“We practice an esoteric form of transcendental medication.”
A customer’s newsletter

“To Whom I May Concern:”
Oops. Saw that on a letter one day.

“We proudly feature some-day shipping.”
I may need it sooner than that.

“Proof or Consequences.”
Made that one up.

“Our massage treatments help relive your pain.”
From a brochure

“The penis mightier than the sword.”
For lack of a space

Please submit your Famous Typos. We’ll publish the best right here.

Because you need it done right

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