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Our Rates

When you think of how much typos can really cost you, professional proofreading is a bargain.

We charge just $90 per hour, and we prorate in five-minute increments.

With a minimum charge of just $22.50, you can afford to have even your smallest projects proofed for perfection.

We find that it usually takes three to five minutes to proofread simple pages that are nearly perfect. Of course, pages with more errors, denser type, or complex concepts take more time to correct. The amount of fact-checking required for your document can also affect the time it takes to ensure that everything is absolutely correct.

We invite you to send us a sample of your document so we can give you a free estimate.


We accept checks, money orders, credit cards, and cash. Payment is due upon completion of your order.

Rush Service

When you’re in a hurry, we work in Internet time.

Same-day rush service is available for those times when you just can’t wait. You can contact us right now and, most likely, we can start on your project right away.

Or email us and we’ll get back to you within a few minutes during regular business hours (Monday through Friday, 10–6, PST).

Rush Rates (when available)

Immediate or less than 3 hours

add 100%


3-business-hour turnaround

add 40%


5-business-hour turnaround

add 30%


7-business-hour turnaround

add 20%


More than three hours in one day

add 50%, plus any other applicable rush rate


Weekend or after hours

In addition, if a project takes half or more of the number of hours for the requested turnaround, a 100% rush fee applies so that we can focus solely on your project and ensure its timely completion.

add 200%







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